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Theatre Director- James Carlson
Directed by Anne Simley

Scenery- Robert Manners, David Langworthy, Betti Kuusisto, Vaughn Chiglo, Marilyn Nelson, Sheila Smith, Grover Peterson, Pat Booth, Duane Rortvedt, Russel Braun, Ray Robinson, Robert Simpson
Lighting- Roy Cook, Richard Hervey, Viki Kruse, Evelyn Anderson, Robert Smith
Costumes- Belle Cooper, Margaret Kettlewell, Clara Jacobsen, Mary Kay Van Stone, Jane Lindstrom, Jewel Bockwitz
Properties- Kenneth Darg, Beryl Bennett

Harmon- Jay Asperstrand
Young Man- Ray Robinson
Ethan Frome, Age 28- Lowell Battey
Zenobia, his wife, age 32- Glenna Perrin
Mattie Silver, her cousin- Ruth Voll
Jotham, the hired man- Dallas Brietharth
Denis Eady- Robert Simpson
Ed Hale- Richard Engquist
Ned Hale, his son- Russel Braun
Ruth Varnum- Marilyn Hagerty
Mrs. Hale- Georgia Shaw
Neighbors attending the church sociable- Kenneth Darg, Kenneth Krause, Vaughn Chiglo, Bette Kuusisto, Richard Hervey and Roy Cook

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