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Director- Anne Simley
Lights- E.G. Smith
Costumes- Ardith Schultz
Props- Marion Bakule
Scenery- Katherine Kneip
Business- Marion Ellis
Elizabeth Ulvang (Sister Joanna of the Cross)
Mary Morill (Prioress)
Annis Korpi (Vicaress)
Carol Johnson (Mistress of Novices)
Elizabeth Wildasin (Sister Marcella)
Corrine Cutler (Sister Maria Jesus)
Coramary Korfhage (Sister Sagrario)
Dorothy Harms (Sister Inez)
Majel Keck (Sister Tornera)
Jerry Nelson (The Doctor)
Don Sandberg (A Countryman)
Mary Ruth Craig (Teresa)
Tom Payne (Antonio)
Eileen Fuller (Violin)
Katherine Kneip (Poet)
Lay Sisters and Moniters- Marion Nichols, Marion Haugen and Marjorie Hylton
Scenery- Mary Poluk, Beverly Wyss, Marie Guthrie, Don Larson
Costumes- Pat Farley, Marion Protextor, Joan Dale
Properties- Margaret Schneck, Charlotte Graebner, Shirley Hathaway

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