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Adam Trueman: Mr. Mullins
Count Jolimaitre: Mr. Olsen
Colonel Howard: Mr. Rinke
Mr. Tiffany: Mr. Hove
T. Tennyson Twinkle: Mr. Osboda
Agustus Fogg: Mr. Fredine
Snobson: Mr. Erickson
Zeke: Mr. Boyle
Mrs. Tiffany: Miss Bloomquist
Prudence: Miss Houst
Millinette: Miss Felepe
Gertrude: Miss Wakefield
Seraphina Tiffany: Miss Leitch

Life Passes the Lamppost, Fall 1932The Torture, Fall 1932Smilin' Through, Fall 1932Fashion, Spring 1933Samson and Delilah, Spring 1933The First Mrs. Fraser, Fall 1932