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Director- Anne Simley
Tech Director- James Carlson
Script- Jane Burt
Music- Charles Ludington
Lighting- Kenneth Hall
Charles Ludington (Theseus, Duke of Athens)
Ruth Briant (Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons)
Clement Peterson (Egeus, Gentleman of Athens)
Corrine Cutler (Hermia, Daughter of Egeus)
William Link (Demetrius, Hermia's Suitor)
Charles McFarron (Lysander, Betrothed to Hermia)
Elizabeth Sechrist (Helena, in love with Demetrius)
Frances Sechrist (Helena, in love with Demetrius)
Harry Hanson (Philostrate, Master of Revels)
Jim Peterson (Quince, a carpenter)
Charles Holcomb (Bottom, a weaver)
Duane Scott (Flute, a bellows mender)
Wallace Harmer (Snout, a tinker)
Joe Hutton (Snug, a joiner)
Thomas Purcell (Starveling, a tailor)
Donna Olson (Puck)
Jill Jones (Titania, Queen of the Fairies)
Polly Hendrick (Blue Fairy)
Pam Robinson (Peaseblossom)
Judy Robinson (Mustard Seed)
Martha Holter (Cobweb)
Barbara Hutton (Moth)
Theseus' Guards- Richard Lindeke, Orlando Haugland, Leo McAlpine
The White Fairies- Deana Green, Barbara Malcher, Joyce Johnson, Joella Ballis, Jeanette Novak, Mary Jane Hansen, Jane McEvoy, Janet Biedereck, Patricia Fuller, Charlotte Hunt, Sandra Snell, Karen Lemke, Barbara Rose

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