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Cora - Dorothy Grant
Fedela - Robert Steffin
Alda - Marion Martin
Duke - Coe Hamling
Stephanie ~ his wife - Edith Bream
Princess - Louise Borchert
Baron Cerarea - Carleton echberg
Rhoda Fenton - Lucille Dresser
Corrada, the Duke’s son - Lester Heimark
Eric Fenton - Dell Goodman
Grazia - Hazel Holth
Prince Sirki - Robert Anderson
Major Whitred - Winfield Haycock

Technical Staff

Staging - Carleton Echberg, Dell Goodman, Reed Isaacs, Clifford Todd
Lighting - Jim Carlson
Costume and make-up by members of the cast.
Furniture - Jim Carlson
Business Manager - Clifford Peterson
Director - Anne Simley

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