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Director- Anne Simley
Tech Director- James Carlson
Scenery- Don Torgerson, Betty Hill, Barbara Griffith, and Marlys Petersen
Lighting- Ken Hall
Makeup- Tom Hall
Costumes- Jane Kaehler, Shirley Nelson, Mary Coleman, Eve Seeger, Joy Tanner Evans and Belle Cooper
Lucentio, Suitor to Bianca- Stanley McGuire
Tranio, his Servant- Clemment Peterson
Baptista- Richard Slocum
Katherine, his Daughter- Corinne Cutler
Bianca, her younger Sister- Joan Herried
Gremio, Suitor to Bianca- Hal Searles
Hortensio, Suitor to Bianca- Charles Latvala
Petruchio- Robert Grupp
Grumio, his Servant- Payton Weber
Vincentio, Lucentio's Father- Charles McFarron
Biondello, Lucentio's Servant- Delton Kruger
Curtis- Robert Horswell
Haberdasher- Edward Savage
Tailor- Donald Savage
Peter- Mel Davidson
The Widow- Doris Voligny
Ladies in Waiting- Jane Kaehler, Doris Setterstrom, Ann Leffler

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