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By Jean Giraudoux
Adapted by Maurice Valency
Director – William Kimes
Production design – Edward F. Krehl
Asst Designer – Barbara McAfee
SM – Diana Smith
ASM – Valerie Kurth
Robert Schirmer (The Waiter)
Bradley Downall (The Little Man)
Jason Long (The Prospector)
Gerald Armstrong (The President)
Douglas Bigelow (The Baron)
Steven Lebens (The Broker)
Erin Threlkeld (Therese)
Susan Gilhoi (The Street Singer)
Alison Kimes (The Flower Girl)
Owen Shaffer (The Ragpicker)
Stella Madden (Paulette)
Stephen Quinn (The Deaf-Mute)
Mary Leonard (Irma)
Anne Bailey (The Shoelace Peddler)
John Parish (The Juggler)
Deborah Richert (The Gypsy)
Angela Arzubiaga (The Chestnut Seller)
Colleen Deery (Countess Aurelia, The Madwoman of Chaillot)
Michael Otto (The Doorman)
Randon Ulland (The Sergeant)
Douglas Devlin (Pierre)
David Christianson (The Sewer-Man)
Sally Ramirez (Madame Constance, The Madwoman of Passy)
Kelly Fairchild (Mademoiselle Gabrielle, The Madwoman of St. Sulpice)
Candace Rossi (Madame Josephine, The Madowman of La Concorde)
The Presidents – Gerald Armstrong, Steven Lebens & Douglas Bigelow
The Prospectors – Jason Long, John Parish & Robert Schirmer
The Press Agents – Randon Ulland, Angela Arzubiaga & David Christianson
The Ladies – Erin Threlkeld, Stella Madden & Anne Bailey
The Adolphe Bertauts – Bradley Downall, Michael Otto & Deborah Richert

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