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By Titus Maccius Plautus
Chorus – Fred Johnston, John McKeen, Rodney Hanson, Richard Leng, Joyce Preckel, Pamela Rogers, Jeannene Mackin, Mary Ellen King & Mary Lenth
The Prologue – A. Kerry Trask
Brush – Fred Schultz
Menaechmus I – Jeffrey Moses
Erotium – Marjorie Mahle
Cylindra – Kristan Beaumont
Menaechmus II - Douglas Wilkowske
Messenio – Larry Steltzner
The Maid – Mary Magnuson
The Wife – Jean Knight
The Father – Dennis Sandberg
The Doctor – Paul Enger
Piano – Lillian Risch
Director – James R. Carlson
Dir Asst – Anne Embry
Sets – Fred Schultz
Lights – Douglas Wilkowske
Makeup – Sylvia Sekon

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