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Cheryl Skafte as Estragon
Sarah Gipsky as Vladimir
Jessie Schulte as Pozzo
Daniel Friedman as Lucky
Yael Rich Silverman as A Boy

Directed by Carolyn Levy
Scenic Design by Gene Rogers
Costume Design by Mairi Newman
Lighting Design by Bill Wallace
Scenery and Properties: Gene Rogers, Dan Friedman, Rena Zuidema, Cindy Bauer
Costumes and Makeup: Mairi Newman, Jessy Henderson, Sian Ward, Kat Sherman, Jessi Schulte
Lighting and Sound: Marissa Lindh, Peter Harrits, Nathaniel Windau, Nocole Simoneau
Publicity and Box Office: Vanessa Pribyl. Amanda Stillwell, Heather Rogers
Archives: Todd O'Dowd
TV Studio: Brain Juntti, Arlyn Bement, Carl Cooley, Angie Tilges

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