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The Trojan Women
by Euripides

Translated by Edith Hamilton
Directed by William Kimes
Designed by Edward Krehl

Production Stage Manager: Bradley Mazick
Assistant Designers: Diana Smith (Scenery), Kathleen Schuetz (Costumes), Gerald Armstrong (Lighting)
Choreographic Assistant: Candace Knudsen

Voice of Poseidon- William Kimes
Voice of Pallas Athena- Janice Kimes
Hecuba, Queen of Troy- Sally Ramirez
Chorus of Captive Trojan Women- Jane Berman, Ann Burdick, Debbie Cebelinski, Susan Gilhoi, Mary Leonard, Barbara McAfee, Diana Smith, Kerry Stevens
Talthybius, Herald of the Greeks- Donald Caster
Greek Soldiers- Douglas Bigelow, Paul Dietl, Mark Goossens, Daniel Gray
Cassandra, daughter of Hecuba- Candace Rossi
Andromache, widow of Hector- Colleen Deery
Astyanax, son of Hector- John Behr
Menelaus, King of Sparta- Michael Swanson
Captains of the Greeks- Tracy Hawthorne, James Muirhead
Helen, former Queen of Sparta- Kathleen Schuetz

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