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Music by Mr James Shannon
Toastmaster: Mr Charles S. Templer

Why is a Bug? by Jean Brockway
Mr. Steele (Robert Steffen)
Charles, the Butler (Fred Luft)
Mrs. Steele (Marion Sperry)

Mr. Bigelow (Clifford Peterson)
Mary Steele (Marion Stillwell)
Bill, the Chauffeur (Ulysses Alexander)

Assistant Director (Winifred Short)
Properties (Katherine McLeod)
Lighting (Robert Steffen)

Night Still by Doris Taft
Bill (Don Nunn)
Roy (Robert Carey)
Terry, the Nurse (Lois Jean Pruden)
Professor Connor (Kendall Gustafson)
Therese (Katherine Hohn)
Mrs. Johnson (Hazel Hoth)
Dick (Ralph Allen)

Assistant Director (Doris Taft)
Properties (Don Nunn and Robert Carey)
Lighting (James Carleson)

It's a Racket by Lyle Smith
Bill Evans (W. Coe Hamling)
Mrs. Shaw (Ernestine Young)
Lulu, the maid ( Catherine Remele)
Mr. Shaw (Catherine Eckberg)
Crew Manager ( Fred Luft)

Assistant Director (Lyle Smith)
Properties (Hazel Holth)
Lighting (Clifford Peterson)

Second Curtain by Lester Heimark
Lil, an ex-actress (Marion Rosness)
Emma, and apple woman (Lucille Nelson)
Nick (Alvin Holste)
Bill, blind man (James Carlson)
Theatre goer (Harold Heneman)
Pop, another beggar ( Gearoge Sinn)

Assistant Director ( Lester Heimark)
Lighting (Carleton Eckberg)

Technical Staff
Director (Anne Simley)
Business Manager (Clifford Peterson)
Scenery (W. Coe. Hamling)
Lighting ( James Carlson)
Stage Crew (Orville Radtke, Marion Iverson, Richard Butler, Meier Snell, Katherine McLeod)
It's A Racket

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