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By William Shakespeare
Director & set – George Poletes
Costumes – Anne Simley
Production managers – John Mossberg & John Harris
SM – Doreen Nelson
Music – Mary Boyle
John Mossberg (Prologue, Friar Lawrence)
Dorothy Young (Apple Vender, Angelica)
Guards – Bruce Zemlin & Bill Gamble
Ruth Sowden (First Girl)
Kathryn Gundel (Second Girl)
Roger Geiling (Sailor)
Couple – Sue Hoerschgen & Keith Haushan
Beverly Ahrens (Lone Woman, Rosaline)
John Harris (Lord Capulet)
Mary Gohla (Lady Capulet)
Tom Stewart (Sampson, Balthasar)
Tom Norris (Gergory, Peter)
Charles Walker (Lord Montague)
Ann Stokes (Lady Montague)
Bill Beck (Abraham)
Bob Sandberg (Servant to Montague)
Tom Brown (Benvolio)
Wayne Hamre (Tybalt)
Bill Thompson (Prince Escalus, Old Capulet)
George Poletes (Romeo)
Bob Fredrickson (Paris)
Sylvia Spencer (Nurse)
Margaret Kaehlre (Juliet)
Gordon Ramsey (Mercutio)
Keith Haushan (Young Man)
Maked players & dancers – Sue Hoerschgen, Ruth Sowden, Ann Stokes & Bob Sandberg
Bruce Zemlin (Servant to Capulet, Friar John)
Servant ballet – Bob Sandberg, Bill Beck, Keith Haushan & Ruth Sowden
Bill Gamble (servant to Paris)

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