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Directed by James R. Carlson
Music Arranged and Directed by Shirley Klosterman
Violin- Richard Engquist
Guitar- Rodney Hedlund
Dance Coordinator- Verne Cooney
Costumes- Belle Cooper

The Mother- Georgia Shaw
The Bride- Jean Campbell
The Mother-in-Law- Vaugn Chiglo
Leonardo's Wife- Beryl Linneroth
The Servant Woman- Gail Warn
The Neighbor Woman- Marilyn Hagerty
A Young Girl- Eleanor Johanson
Leonardo- Monroe Bell
The Bridegroom- Robert Simpson
The Bride's Father- W. Roy Cook
The Moon- David Langworthy
A Beggarwoman- Wanda Manthey
Woodcutters- Louis Noltimier, Ray Robinson, Grover Peterson
Young Women- Madrice Sprieter, Pat Johnson, Helen Minehart, Georgia Dell
Young Men- Murray Olson, Robert Lewis, Verne Cooney, James Peterson

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