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Directed by: William Kimes
Scenic and Costume Design: Bill Wallace
Lighting Design: Ryan Sorenson
Sound Design: Doug Livesay
Choreography: Paula Mann
Vocal Coaching: Todd O'Dowd
Stage Manager: Heather Rogers

Prologue: The Struggle for the Valley
Members of the Dairy Collective - Aimee Child, Andy George, Dimitri Lundquist, Anita Mack, Mairi Newman, Randy Wesley
Members of the Orchard Collective - Mary Fritz, John Healy, Brian Judd, Elin Kjenn, Rosie Lindberg-Lakso, Becky Majdoch, Anthony Sanders
Commissioner from the Capital - lauren Champa
Arkadi Cheidze, the Storyteller - Ryan Hill
Musicians - Breen Olson, Sigrid Sheie, Sam Timmons

The Chalk Circle
Part 1:
The Noble Child

Beggars and Petitioners - Aimee Child, Anita Mack, Rob Mulligan, Mairi Newman, Jon Stentz
Ironshirts - Richard Hooley, Peter Malmstrom
Soldiers - Andy Geroge, randy Wesley
Simon Chachava, a soldier - Anthony Sertich
Georgi Abashvili, a Grusinian Governor - Sean Jones
Natella Abashvili, his wife - Kristin Bennett
Shalva, an Adjutant - Scott Bastien (Habiger)
Two Doctors - Mary Fritz, Anthony Sanders
Servants to the Governor - Alayne Hopkins, Vanessa Pribyl, Cheryl Skafte, Sarah Schroerlucke, Lauren Champa, Kelly Gould, John Healy, Dimitri Lundquist
Arsen Kazbeki, a Fat Prince - Todd O'Dowd
The Rider from the Capital - Brian Judd
Grusha Vachnadze, a Kitchen Maid - Melissa Laramy

The Flight into the Northern Mountains
An Old Peasant - Elin Kjenn
Two Elegant Ladies - Lauren Champa, Sarah Schroerlucke
An Innkeeper - Nathan Miller
His Servant - Rob Mulligan
A Peasant Woman - Mairi Newman
Her Husband - Sean Jones
Three Merchants - Andy George, Brian Judd, Vanessa Pribyl

In the Northern Mountains
Lavrenti Vachnadze, Grusha's Brother - Rob Mulligan
Aniko, his wife - Alayne Hopkins
A Stableman - Jon Stentz
The Mother- in- law - Kelly Gould
Yussup, the "dying" peasant, her son - Nathan Miller
Wedding and Funeral Guests - Lauren Champa, Aimee Child, Mary Fritz, Brian Judd, Sean Jones
Brother Anastasius, A Monk - Anthony Sanders

Part II
The Story of the Judge
Azdak, a Village Recorder - Jon Stentz
The Fugitive (The Grand Duke) - John Healy
Shauva, the Village Policeman - Brian Judd
Bizergan Kazbeki, the Prince's Nephew - Randy Wesley
A Doctor - Dimitri Lundquist
An Invalid - Aimee Child
A Limping Man - Anthony Sanders
A Blackmailer - Sean Jones
An Innkeeper - Nathan Miller
Ludovica, his Daugher-in-law - Becky Majodch
A Stanbleman - Rob Mulligan
Three Farmers -Andy George, Richard Hooley, Anthony Sanders
An Old Woman - Elin Kjenn
Irakli, a Bandit - John Healy

The Chalk Circle
Two Lawyers - Lauren Champa, Rosie Lindberg-Lakso
An Old, Married Couple Seeking Divorce - Alayne Hopkins, Dimitri Lundquist

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