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By Martinez Sierra
Translated by Morris Jones
Directed by Anne Simley

Staging- Lewis Young, Blaine Cook, Robert Neuser, Glenn Bostrom, LeRoy Muguren
Lighting- Darrell Holt, Paul Sauber

Sister Joanna of the Cross- Muriel Turpen
Helen Thorstenson
Teresa- Betty Lunde
The Prioress- Irene Holth
The Vicaress- Margaret Comb
The Mistress of Novices- Marion Leitch
Sister Marcella- Marion Iverson
Sister Maria Jesus- Dorothy Byers
Sister Sagrario- Marion Rosness
Sister Inez- Genevieve Hillman
Sister Tornera- Katherin Weber
The Poetor- Genevieve Hillman
The Monitor Nun- Geneva Hanna
The Doctor- Franz Weber
Antonio- Robert Neuser
The Country Man- Lewis Young

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