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Directed by James Carlson
Scenery- Robert Simpson and Ray Robinson
Lighting- Roy Cook
Costumes- Evelyn Anderson
Sound- Robert Manners
Props- Pat Booth
First Young Lady- Pat Booth
Second Young Lady- Shirley Hutton
Miss Hupplefeather- Betti Kuusisto
Josibiah- Richard Anderson

Euodias- Vaughn Chiglo
Hashmonah- Verne Cooney
Naaran- Sheila Smith
Shual- W. Roy Cook
Bilshan- Russell Prickett
A Sentry- Ray Robinson
Jonah- Richard Engquist
A Captain- Robert Simpson
A Purser- Kenneth Darg
First Sailor- Ernest Kutzik
Second Sailor- Russell Uhrenholdt
Passengers- Mona Matson, Betti Kuusisto, Richard Anderson, W. Roy Cook, Verne Cooney
The Whale- Hal Searls
Sophereth- Greta Breaw
Eshtemoa- Veryl Ann Kruse
Zemirah- Clara Jacobson
Zuph- Dorothy Labbitt
Zaza- Marilyn Hagerty
Ziz- Geri Olson
Shiphrah- Jean Pascoe
Stachy- Russell Braun
Tolad- David Langworthy
Hadadezer- Kenneth Schlieman
Tola- Greta Gray

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