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Directed by Sister Mary Davida, Mary Gwen Owen, Mable Frey, Anne Simley, John Doll, Hilding Peterson
Tech Directors- Jed Davis and Margaret Jackson Donald Stubbs
Costumes- Shirley Lienke and Anne Simley
Choreography- Mrs Maude Michael and Nancy Robb
Orchestra Director- Vincent Carpenter
SM- Stanley Rowe
Assistant Director- John Blue
Mary Sands, Molly Stamp, Shirley Dawson, Philip Johnson, Jean Ziebell, Nancy Nordahl, Mary Steenhoven, Jeanette Kidd, Paul Fialkowaski, Jessica Page, Joseph Quady, Victoria Kruse

The God Poseidon- Le Roy Corcoran
The Goddess Pallas Athena- Sally Mamer and Edwina Smith
Hecuba, Queen of Troy- Joan Murphy
Cassandra, a prophetess, daughter of Hecuba- Mary Seibel
Andromache, wife of Hector- Edwina Smith, Kathleen Borden
Astyanax- Geoffrey Kempner
Helen, wife of Menelaus- Jeanne Leadon
Talthybius, Herald of the Greeks- Micheal Libera
Menelaus, King of Sparta- Loyal Farrell
Soldiers, attendant on Talthybius and Menelaus- Robert Richardson, John Rybak, and James Jurgensen
Captive Trojan Women- Jean Severi, Janine Smith, Kathryn Moffatt, Patricia Blum, Lucille Ennis, Mary Anne Dahl, Mary Anne Sivertsen, Polly Hendrick, and Carolyn Lange
Chorus of Captive Women- Patricia Strain, Arlene Marsh, Jo Ann Low, Jeanne Landry, Nancy Crosson, Bernadette Amos, Edna King, Nona Mary Allard, Joanne Hart, Teresita Perez, Jeane Scovic, and Margaret Gilman

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