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Director – Betty Ledbetter
Costumes – Lila Beese
Make-Up – Marthajean Trengrove
Business – Darrel Nelson
Catherine Hutton (Dorothy)
Barbara Hutton (Toto)
Joe Hutton (Scarecrow)
Virginia Potter (Witch of the North, Witch of the West)
Terry Thorne (First Munchkin)
Cyril Tereau (Second Munchkin)
Dick Jones (Third Munchkin)
Gordon Walker (Tin Woodman)
Billy Kenyon (Lion)
Andrew Danielson (Green Man)
Margaret Moore (Green Lady)
Andrew Danielson (The Wizard of Oz)
Mary Coleman (Beautiful Lady)
Helen Bowes (First Winky)
Alice Tuerck (Second Winky)
Winged Monkey (Jim Ritchel)
Glinda (Alice Harrington)
Dancer (Susan Danielson)

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