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Director- Anne Simley
Scenery Design and Tech Director- James Carlson
SM- Payton Weber
Dance- Judy Sass
Costumes- Anne Erlougher, Luella Watkins, Shirley Ruttger, Fern Weihr, Beverly Nyberg, Miriam Snyder, Helen Minehart, Beverly Mueller
Scenery- Jack Alwin, Joan Hutchins, Winifred Duerre, Carolyn Johnston, Richard Megarry, Dean Lund, Kenneth Robinson, Payton Weber, John Flittie and Edward MCann
Lighting- Elizabeth Sechrist, Kenneth Drag, Alfred Boynton, and Henry Beecher
Props- Mona Melrose, Lois Graber, and Richard Anderson
Music- Wallace Harner, Charles Ludington, and Charles Fuller

Polixines, King of Bohemia- Tom Hall
Leontes, King of Sicilia- Charles Ludington
Hermione, Queen of Leontes- Edwina Smith
Mamillius, Prince of Sicilia- Bobby Anderson
Cleomenes, Lord of Sicilia- Edward McCann
Dion, Lord of Sicilia- Richard Megarry
Antigonus, Lord of Sicilia- Donald Wolfarth
Paulina, Wife of Antigonus- Mavis Earles
Florizel, Prince of Bohemia- William Link
Perdita, Daughter of Leontes and Hermione- Polly Hendrick
Emelia, Lady of Sicilia- Virginia Pierce
Goaler- Richard Anderson
Ladies attending on Hermione- Doris Fehr, Donna Lee, Luella Watkins, Muriel Baker, Jean Weyer and Bette Lee
First Lord- Herbert O'Brien
Shepherd- Payton Weber
Clown, his son- Kenneth Darg
Autolycus, a rogue- Wallace Harmer
Mopsa- Shirley Nelson
Dorcas- Beva Lee De Griselles
Phoebe- Judy Sass
Gentlemen- Don Sheffield and Dean Lund
Guards- Ray Kilau, Robert Horswell and David Illsley
Servants- Douglass Maberry, and Henry Beecher
Shepherds- Edgar Brown and Dean Lund
Officer- Garth Hinderman

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