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Directed by Anne Simley and James Carlson
Scenery- Hal Searles
Lighting- Robert Millett
Props- Douglas Maberry
Costumes- Marcia Hunter
Sound- Dean Hurtle
Narrator- Joe Dingle

Mary- Edwina Smith
Daniel- Clyde Compton
Joseph- Garth Hinderman
Naomi- Doris Fehr
Juda- Kenneth Darg
Mary Cleophas- Mary Nee
Reba- Carolyn Lange
Simon- James Rentz
James- Roy Cook
Mordecai- Verne Cooney
Selima- Mavis Earles
Amos- Stanley Hanks
Eben- Dale Dickerson
Customers- Ruth Nave and Dave Ganfield
Mathias- Richard Anderson
A Disciple- Duane A Verill
Hepzibah- Donna Lee
Appius Hadrian- Albert Szabo
Anna- Phyllis Albrecht
Rabbi Samuel- Clemmet Peterson
Mendel- Robert Manners
Mary of Magdala- Shirley Nelson
Nathan- Dean Lund
Daniel, aged 16- David Genfield
Ether- Lue Watkins
Beulah- Ruth Voll
Leban- Douglas Maberry
Joshua- David Langworthy

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